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Njoy wands

Drifter86 Drifter86
Considering picking up either the Njoy Pure or the Fun wand. Have any guys used either of these for p-spot stimulation? I have an Aneros Helix on the way and it will be my first toy of the kind. I know they are different types of toys, but I plan to upgrade to a wand later. I have not read that many guys have tried these.
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We had the Fun Wand but I wasn't a fan. It was stolen from my luggage in a rental car in San Fran - along with some other toys we liked better - but I digress!

The Pure Wand is terrific the small end is a great starter and curve makes p-spotting as easy as g-spotting. Once your relaxed give it a quick wipe and the small end becomes a nice handle for the business end of the Pure Wand.

When I'm with my wife, I have her put it in - then climb on top to ride cowgirl style. I keep my legs together to hold it in and her gyrations move the Pure Wand - giving me a great sensation while she does all the work!

We have the small & medium Pure Plugs - they are great toys - but we don't use them often. Maybe we should try the Pfun Plug?

We also have the Eleven - but that's not going anywhere near my ass!
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
Like Gunsmoke said, the Pure Wand is fantastic. My husband loves it! His orgasms are incredibly intense with it. I use it on him coupled with a blowjob or during sex and he even uses it solo. We also have the PFun which he likes too, but complains that it comes out (during sex and orgasm) and can become frustrating.

I have the Pure Plug Large which I do enjoy. However, it does nothing for the husband unfortunately. I, too, love the Pure Wand. Nothing better than a multi-functional tool! It is great for me for g-spotting, and anal play, even for a bit of double penetration with the the husband.

We love nJoy products!
Annemarie Annemarie
I would say start with the Pfun Plug. It'll be a nice transition to steel and it's a familiar shape for those who enjoy assplay--the buttplug. I've heard it's great for prostate stimulation.
Drifter86 Drifter86
So get the pfun or go strait to the pure wand? What would be better coming from an aneros helix?
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
Originally posted by Drifter86
So get the pfun or go strait to the pure wand? What would be better coming from an aneros helix?
My husband says he wishes we hadn't wasted our money on all the other prostate toys. I know there are plenty out there that like them, not my husband. He would choose the Pure Wand over the Pfun everytime, unless he is using it on me.

Just saying, once you've experienced steel, it can be a bit addicting!
Drifter86 Drifter86
The pure wand is out of stock.
Drifter86 Drifter86
I have enough points saved up for either the pfun or the pure wand.
1001 Pleasures 1001 Pleasures
I love the Pure Wand. It's much larger than the Aneros line of toys, but the sleek steel and weight of the wand (not to mention how great it feels warm) is what sold me. I preferred the smaller end for p-spot stimulation and it worked great. Probably the best non-vibrating toy I have used for prostate stimulation. I recently ordered the Njoy Pfun Plug, and hope that turns out to be just as fun, or more so!

The Fun Wand looks nice, and seems like it would be better for those who like to ease into anal stimulation. Reminds me a little of large anal balls, where you can enjoy the sensation of each one opening you up and working it a little deeper a bit at a time.
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