are didos actully nice?

mariah mariah
i never tryed one before.. but are they good? what do they do for you?
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Muddog7998 Muddog7998
Well, since you've said you have a vibrator, go and get it, put some lube on it, and use it. Without turning it on. That's basically like a dildo. It's just an object made for masturbation.
ScottA ScottA
Depends on the dildo and where it goes. The sensations are thrusting and filling, and you have a fair amount of control over the sensations. The bad part is that you need to keep moving it for it to be stimulating.
Bunnycups Bunnycups
Yes, I prefer them to vibrators for g-spot stimulation. I never experienced a g-spot orgasm before dildos.
ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
Dildos are like, well, fake penises. If you've had a penis inside you and liked it, there ya go. It's different from a vibrator, though there are vibrating dildos. It can stimulate your g-spot, which can pretty awesome. Like ScottA said, you have to move it around, thrust it and whatnot, to really get much from it. Vibrators, for me, are more for clitoral stimulation while dildos are more an internal, g-spot thing.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I prefer a realistic dildo over a vibrator!
Vexed Vexed
Dildos are nice because you can choose the shape, size, and hardness. Also, dildos will obey your every command. You can pick the speed, depth, etc... While you fantasize about whatever tickles your fancy.
csweatc csweatc
The interesting thing about dildos is that they really are like nice instruments or well balanced tools. A well designed non-vibrating dildo or plug that has been carefully designed with weight distribution, shape, feel and ergonomics all in mind is far more elegant than the nicest vibrator in my opinion. Luxury vibrators are awesome too and they definitely provide some extremely intense orgasms as well; it's just that once you master the use of a particular dildo that has been really well thought out, you have access to the most powerful orgasms imaginable.
Vanand Vanand
I've never been a dildo girl, myself. But, last week I purchased a glass one and a stone one. They are incredibly awesome. The "realistic" one I had didn't do anything for me. I used to use sleeves on my vibrators, but I think I've turned a corner, using the proper equipment.

The nice thing about glass is, there is so much variety. You can get any kind of texture or non-textured you want. I like the solidness of the natural products.

I am anxious to get some more glass dildos, and can't imagine they will be any less wonderful than the first.
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