What do they use...?

DreezzyyBabyy DreezzyyBabyy
To make "green toys"?
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FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
They use "green pigment"?
eri86 eri86
Originally posted by FlashFuchsia
They use "green pigment"?
I think he means 'Good for the Earth' green.
Gary Gary
Depends on what you specifically mean?

I would consider a rechargeable toy environmentally friendly. I would consider a solar powered toy even more so. I know that the number one issue with toy recycling is that the manufacturing process is not approved for, and does not use, the coded material recycling stamps. No toy without a material recycle stamp is recycled (to the best of my knowledge).
RaspberryRogue RaspberryRogue
Glass and silicone are eco-friendly materials. Toys that are made of PVC plastics aren't "green" because of the toxins released during their manufacture and disposal. They're also the ones that contain phthalates, which I'm sure most of us know are not good for our bodies.
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