Which arousal lube performs best?

Anniboop Anniboop
I am familiar and a big fan of Liquid V, but I want to know everyone else's opinions on arousal lubes. Me being one to not like a lot of lube with my arousal has fallen into an addiction with Liquid V. What would be better than Liquid V?
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Liquid V
Anniboop , potstickers , Lio , dv8 , jessi2 , Lavendar , animepanda89 , Lady Bear , LoneOokami
9  (82%)
Tickle Her Pink
Climax Bursts
Shunga Secret Garden
1  (9%)
System Jo Clitoral Gel
1  (9%)
Total votes: 11
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Anniboop Anniboop
Why is liquid V the best?
I agree, I would just like to hear some other people's POV.
jessi2 jessi2
You only need a small drop each time, so the small bottle is worth the cost. It warms and cools as well, so it adjusts to my body.
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