Jenna Haze Lotus - good for the first time?

Septimus Septimus
I'm thinking about getting the Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus for my fiance.
He's never had a masturbator before, and I'm hoping that this will be a good one for him.
Does anyone know if this is a good toy for first-timers?
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spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
I heard good things about them.
nevets69 nevets69
I think the Lotus has the most interesting texture.
Haito Haito
First time use? Yeah, lotus would probably be a good introduction if you don't want him becoming addicted to using male masurbators! lol. Best Fleshlight I've ever used was the O'Doyle's Stout, Sex in a Can, but if you have qualms about anal, then it might not be the one for him. There's a lady lager that has a mini-lotus that is quite a bit tighter than the regular lotus, but provides less suction! If he's a big Jenna Haze fan, then you couldn't go wrong with that purchase! I would recommend one of the Tenga Flip Holes, but honestly for someone who has never used one, it might be too much! The things those toys do to a man... They should have anti-seizure warnings on the box! lol Good luck to you both!
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