Favorite of the "sterile" materials?

Herp Herp
Glass, Metal, or Silicone?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
gothikstars , Alyxx , Purpleladybug , Bunnycups , Tart , Cream in the Cupcake , MeliPixie , blah :) , ShadowKitten , x cherri , callsignhusker , ladyred , CSEA , CherryDyke , Apirka , Ms. N
16  (18%)
Red Vinyl Kitty , ToyTimeTim , Anjulie , Redboxbaby , Missmarc
5  (6%)
IndependentlyHappy , cheech1 , onehotmomma , ZenaidaMacroura , Fuzzycow , Tori Rebel , Coralbell , Kissaki , RonLee , Sweet-Justice , dhig , leatherlover , Lio , Shellz31 , Kindred , Lady Venus , I'll Miss You EF :( , potstickers , LikeSunshineDust , toxie m , Hadespark , girl next door , liilii080 , C4ss , slynch , DeliciousSurprise , darthkitt3n , lamira , Darling Jen , Lummox , Selective Sensualist , sixfootsex , Mr. E , Kim! , Kaltir , Mr.RightNow , PiratePrincess , Mell , ellejay , Mr. & Mrs. Peg , cburger , tickle me pink , Miss T , Drifter86 , Eeyor89 , The Curious Couple , Rossie , Enchantedkitty , dv8 , ily , Rin (aka Nire) , zz1aag , fleshlightluvr1 , sktb0007 , Menarae , Kkay , Chaotic Rantings , Sunshineamine , Rozen , geliebt , Kush , Incendiaire , Howells , samanthalynn , SJ88 , KyotoAngel , roskat
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IndependentlyHappy IndependentlyHappy
I am biased since I don't own any toys made of the other materials (which needs to change), but I voted for silicone.
Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
I own toys of all three materials, and I love them all. I've only got one metal toy, but it has swayed me enough to vote metal. I just can't wait to get more!
leela leela
All of them! I guess it depends on what I'm in the mood for. I don't like cold toys, so this winter I've been really into the silicone ones. Yeah, I'm too lazy to warm up my temperature-sensitive ones.
Kissaki Kissaki
Of the three choices, I currently only own toys made of silicone, so I voted silicone. But I have a couple of metal toys on my wish list.
Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Silicon. Only because I have yet to try the glass of metal ones thus far. ^^
gothikstars gothikstars
i love glass toys, though they don't have a lot of give.
leatherlover leatherlover
Silicone because it has some give to it, but glass is a great toy as well. Haven't tried stainless yet, but I have plenty of them in my wish list.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Out of those 3, I have to go with silicone cause I like my toys to have a bit of give to them.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
Silicone...i haven't tried glass or metal yet. I do have the Kissa, which came this week, just haven't had a chance to use it yet.
ScottA ScottA
This poll seems to come up very often. Check the search - silicone always wins out because of the flexibility, but glass is a strong second because of the stiffness. Metal is usually third because of the expense.
LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
By far, silicone. I'm definitely a fan of softer (but firm) materials.
girl next door girl next door
I have a lot of silicone toys and I love them! The soft velvety texture of most silicone toys is my favorite
liilii080 liilii080
I have more silicone but I enjoy glass as well. Haven't really used metal much but I'd be interested to.
zeebot zeebot
Silicone and glass, can't choose one.
Alyxx Alyxx
I love glass, but silicone is a close second. I haven't tried metal toys and really don't plan on it. My boyfriend has quite a few metal allergies...
lamira lamira
I love silicone - it's easy to clean, smooth, and flexible.
girl next door girl next door
definitely a fan of silicone! easy to clean for me and i like the feel.
ToyQuest ToyQuest
oooh this is a tough one. I don't have any metal toys, though I am absolutely dying for one. I LOVE my glass toys, but I also love my silicone toys...it just depends on my mood.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
I definitely love them all! I also have wooden and ceramic toys (which are nonporous and can be sterilized by spraying with a 10% bleach solution), and I love them as well.
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I enjoy all three, but glass is my favorite. I'm a fan of ceramic and wood too!
Mr. E Mr. E
I love all three. But we have far more silicone than glass or metal toys.
Kaltir Kaltir
I love silicone
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
I have them all, but if I could have all my favorites made out of one material it would, for sure, be steel! Nothing carries the weight that steel does. Glass is a close second, but the heat retention and smoothness of steel; in my opinion, nothing can beat it.
Nathan von Minden Nathan von Minden
Originally posted by Herp
Glass, Metal, or Silicone?
My girlfriend likes Silicone by far, although she is looking to get a glass dildo.
Mr.RightNow Mr.RightNow
Skitlz Skitlz
Stainless steel is awsome!
Mr. & Mrs. Peg Mr. & Mrs. Peg
Love steel. Glass is sexy. But for pegging, silicone is a must.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Most of our toys are glass, and I love the cold hardness and feeling it warm up after it's inside me
ShadowKitten ShadowKitten
I haven't used metal but I like glass a tiny bit more than silicone, if I want something softer inside me I go with silicone though
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