How to store various toys together?

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How to store various toys together?

Tessa Taboo Tessa Taboo
I can never remember.... what is the rule for storing toys of various materials? There is a lot of safety information on the site about compatibility with lubes, and sharing, and all that, but I couldn't find much on this. I know there are certain materials that you shouldn't store next to each other, and that sort of thing. Anyone care to give me a rundown?
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indiglo indiglo
Solid, pure silicone toys are generally ok to store together. Metal toys are safe stored with other metal toys, wood is safe with other wood, and so on.

The only time it starts to get dangerous is if you have toys that are composite materials - the TPRs and TPEs or any kind of jelly. Those toys should never touch other toys during storage, so be sure to keep them in a toy pouch, a sock, or something along those lines.

Glass toys could be stored together, but I'd be afraid they'd scratch each other - so they should be well protected when stored.

I don't actually let any of my toys touch my other toys in storage. Each has its own pouch/sock, and they like to have their own little homes.
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