Night Light Condoms-Who wants to try them?

Sera Sera
Night light review
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Anyone interested in the Night Light condoms? I just requested them as a free assignment and am really excited about reviewing them! First I'm going to try them on my husband Jonathan, and then I'm going to try them on my favorite glass dildo.

Basically I'm looking for some comments, some stories, and overall, some experience. I've only seen one review on them, but I'm hoping that someone out there knows what these are like. Thanks in ahead of time!
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deltalima deltalima
Sounds like a fun find. I've seen neon condoms before but those worked best with a black light.
LambChop LambChop
I'll try!!
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I love the idea of glow in the dark condoms and toys! I have one vibrator that glows really well in the dark; I always thought it was just something that made the experience a little more giggle inducing... Plus, if it falls off the bed with the lights out, at least it doesn't get lost.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
oooo these could be fun! can't wait to read your review!
Phoenix713 Phoenix713
I've tried them and love them! I'm planning on getting more of them soon!
Phoenix713 Phoenix713
I'll try them! I love them!
Brandonn Brandonn
Not me
nimbuscloud3 nimbuscloud3
sounds like it could be fun esp for ppl that like to play in the dark
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