Big issue with the Uma by Je Joue

Hey everyone,

I have a big problem using the uma vibrator. Whenever I try to slide it into my vagina it is unwilling to go in easy. After a bit of lube I can get it in, but it hurts so much that I can not keep it in. This is my first internal vibrator so I am not sure what to expect. Has anyone who has had experience with the uma or even other vibrators have any pain? I do not know if I am using it wrong or I'm just not made for it.
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Gracie Gracie
Whenever you are inserting a toy I suggest lube! Another issue may be if you are not already aroused before you try inserting it. I don't consider Uma a large toy and I have never experienced any pain when inserting any of my vibrators, but I would suggest lube and making sure you are aroused. You could try using Uma externaly until you are aroused enough. Pain is your body's way of saying STOP. So my advice is go slow, think happy thoughts, and use lube!
Bex1331 Bex1331
I'm with Gracie, lube, lube, and more lube. Also try inserting your fingers before the toy to open yourself up in addition to using the toy externally to get turned on.
The Uma doesn't look huge so you should be able to take it, have you ever had sex before? if the pain upon insertion is really bad and you've never had sex you could have your GYN take a peak and see if there's any issues with muscle tension or knots or something but I doubt it's anything that serious.
Thanks for commenting. I have always used lube when inserting the uma. It's when I slide it in or out is when the pain occurs. I was not sure if it was a bad angle or not. Bex, I am sexually active and my guy does not hurt me when we have sex, so I am still unsure what the issue can be.
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