Do you have fantasies of being tied up?

Lauren Greenberg Lauren Greenberg
I love the thought of being tied up and helpless, It is so sexy.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Yes! I think about it often!
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16  (57%)
I would try it.
andykh , Juliard Bunny , KeroWolf , Slowride , NorthBayLady , U3H , eri86 , lala22
8  (29%)
I would be doing the tieing. I love control.
dv8 , CoffeeCup , bbygrl1988 , dawnalove
4  (14%)
Total votes: 28
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OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Originally posted by Lauren Greenberg
I love the thought of being tied up and helpless, It is so sexy.
Marked yes, but don't think about if often anymore. Did as a teenager and then some.
bbygrl1988 bbygrl1988
Originally posted by Lauren Greenberg
I love the thought of being tied up and helpless, It is so sexy.
Not sure I would like being tied up, but wouldn't mind doing it.
edeneve edeneve
haven't fantasized about it - not sure I'd like being tied up. but, hmmm, after reading that Oh&w thinks that someone should tie me up to keep me around, hahaha, welllll, might be interesting. who knows, maybe it might be fun to see who's up for the challenge. hahahahaha
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
We have tied each other up many times. Good times.
NorthBayLady NorthBayLady
I've never been tied, but I have been handcuffed. I have tied someone up once
eri86 eri86
I'm open to some light tying up.
OrchidCrush OrchidCrush
Any sort of tying takes a lot of trust and communication between the people involved. When you have that, it is a great experience!
SexScienceAndFood SexScienceAndFood
Think about it often, it gets done to me occasionally, and I do it occasionally.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I freaked out sitting in the back of a police car for a ride home when I found the back door had no way out and no window controls either! (I panicked deep inside, I kept my cool outwardly, but barely!)Sure, my mom was in the front seat and we four kids in the back. NO! Not what it seems, LOL!! At the end of a Memorial Day parade, a cop gave us a free ride which I thought would be cool. WRONG! Apparently, I don't do well confined; lack of control upsets me. I'm the jerk who'd be testing my safe word like the boy who cried wolf!! I trust no one! People lie and are MEAN. No way I'm giving up my escape options!!! And don't get me started on ball gags and such! What if my nose plugs up and I have to vomit? It could happen. I need peace of mind, okay? Unfortunately, I have been completely under medical professional's control and had them do things I said not to, so that nearly killed me (several times, they don't LISTEN, or learn). If this is just for fun, I doubt I could get past the life and death situations where I was NOT listened to. Yeah, I have issues.

That said, I've seen some amazingly cool couture ropework clothes someone shared with me on another forum. Would I like tying someone up? Considering my preference for self-control, maybe it would extend to liking controlling others? I don't know. But, part of the fun for me is the interactivity with a person. Maybe that's because I've been stuck with just the minimally interactive toys for so long. Fucking an immobile object is only so interesting after a while, at least it is that way for me with the toys. Maybe the sentience of the immobilized is the key? I may not want to participate, but it also has never been brought up for me with sex, so I've never tried.
toysforall toysforall
Yes! And we experiment with it all the time! The key is communication
symbol symbol
Originally posted by Lauren Greenberg
I love the thought of being tied up and helpless, It is so sexy.
I don't just think about it, I do it! I really enjoy being tied up and restrained and I've done some tying up of partners in the past as well. Chains were a bit scary at first, but... oh man! What a thrill! I haven't quite been able to re-capture the rush of being chained to the bed that first time, but it's still fun and I think there's room to tweak the experience to find that sweet exhiliration all over again.

I'm excited to try the restraints that are coming in my next EF order. It'll mark the first time I've used dedicated restraints as opposed to make-shift ones from belts, scarves, rope, chain, or whatever else seems convenient and appropriate. Don't get me wrong, the spontaneity of the make-shift materials has an appeal all of its own, but the dedicated restraints will be a new experience and one that I'm quite looking forward to! Now I just need to decide who gets tied up first!
toysforall toysforall
Yes, in fact, we'll likely be doing that tonight!
samty samty
Originally posted by Lauren Greenberg
I love the thought of being tied up and helpless, It is so sexy.
no this rope stuff makes me feel sick
Aesenthia Aesenthia
Oh gosh I love being tied up! It is the base of most of my fantasies!!
subbieforHer subbieforHer
Wanting to be bound and gagged has been a recurring dream ever since I can remember. Not surprisingly, it has become something I've incorporated almost day-to-day and it makes my life *amazing!*
Charisma Charisma
Yes! Tho SO is less inclined
Feb 20, 4:13 pm
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