Do you prefer Ribbed or Nubby?

Moonshyne7785 Moonshyne7785
Waterproof silicone softees Pink
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How do you guys feel about texture. Who prefers nubby versus ribbed or maybe other raised textures. I think for clitoral stimulation, nice soft wiggly nubs would be nice. I think for vaginal stimulation, raised textures like veins or ribs might work but it seems like it really needs lubrication if you are going to insert something with texture, as it could hurt if not slick enough. Thoughts anyone
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Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
I had looked and that one and I just didn't seem to care for that type of texturing. That just looks like it may feel like my walls are getting scraped.
travelnurse travelnurse
I have found out that I love texture and I like both kinds!
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