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PadoruLover PadoruLover
What is your favorite thing to call the vagina or the penis?
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edeneve edeneve
vag & dick are the words I use. I wouldn't say they're favorite words to use, though.
luv 2 sex luv 2 sex
I really never thought about it but I honestly do not refer to them often enough to have a " favorite " word for them. When I do have to refer to them for some reason it will be with penis and vagina though.
Eversolewd Eversolewd
If I'm not having sex, I use clinical terms but during sex I use the word "Pussy" and "Cock" or "Dick"
Rossie Rossie
Vagina -- when I mention it on the forums and in my reviews.
Pussy -- when I'm in the bedroom with my hubby.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I don't really have favorites, but during sex, or when wanting to add "vulgarity" to a conversation, I say pussy, cock, dick, etc. If I'm trying to have a "classier" conversation, I try to use vagina and penis.

Mostly, talking to my friends or my fiance, I say pussy, cock, dick. But if I'm ever talking to my mom about something (usually only about scientific studies or something I heard in the news), I use the clinical terms.
Rifflynnane Rifflynnane
Originally posted by PadoruLover
What is your favorite thing to call the vagina or the penis?
Pussy and Dick are what we usually use. That are more attractive to us, especially during dirty talk
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