Holiday Gifts

ThePornLibrarian ThePornLibrarian
With the holidays coming up, I'm trying to get an early jump on gifts for people. What do you think is a good sex toy gift for beginners?

I think maybe a small silicone vibe from fun factory?
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Airlia Airlia
One of those cute discreet bullets that they don't feel intimidated or embarassed by. Or a good ol' fashioned basic vibe. Or one of those little sex packages - cute but have some purpose to it...
Bulma Bulma
Definitely something discreet and non intimidating. I think a small silicone vibe from fun factory would be perfect actually, Sienna's suggestions are pretty great too. I would have loved to have received a "I rub my ducky" type toy when I was new to toys, they are just sooo cute
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
We bought about our one friend a Nea and are getting another one the Xtreme G-spot bullet.

I like the Xtreme as a gift simply because it can be used for light penetration or clitoral stimulation. It's bright, festive, and has a ton of settings.
Snappy Snappy
Fun Factory always satisfies me. Maybe an AccuVibe Mini would be a good first toy. It's discreet, non-intimidating and versatile.
Dragon Dragon
I've done two reviews that I think should actually be gifts. The 269 Amazing Sex Games Book and Naughty and Nice gift set
Dragon Dragon
I'd also highly recommend 101 Nights of Great sex by Laura Corn
Snappy Snappy
Also, the Good Vibrations Guide to Sex is a fantastic resource for anyone. It's fun to read, too.
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