Sex Q & A – answers to questions you didn’t know whom to ask

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Sex Q & A Book by DK Publishing
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Explicit answers to hundreds of your most burning questions, written by leading Sex Therapist Anne Hooper. She explains mind-blowing techniques and delicious sex games, while giving candid advice on intimacy and love. Includes revealing bedroom quizzes to enhance skills and addresses the specific concerns of men, women, singles, and couples.

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    Anne Hooper
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    DK Publishing
    Publication date:
    2001 year
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    Number of Pages:
    9 1/4"
    7 1/4"

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    • Adriana Ravenlust
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.6/10

      Sex Q&A is a good book with solid and straight forward information about many aspects of sex. As a whole, the information is whole and timeless (even the graphic design on the cover appears modern) despite the fact that this book is a decade old. However, there are some areas that could use updating and I would like to see the publisher do just that.

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