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Donated Sperm? Now Donate Your Paycheck.

Donated Sperm? Now Donate Your Paycheck.
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A Kansas man who donated his sperm to a childless lesbian couple has now been sued – successfully – for child support.

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I think that if they had a written contract made up, whether they went through a standard system or not, that stated the sperm donor was not to be held responsible for any child support, then he shouldn't be held responsible for child support. If the original situation was as simple as that, then he should have nothing at all to do with the child. It's unfortunate that the woman in question is low on money, but she shouldn't be trying to prey on the man who donated his sperm.


Wow, how sexist and stupid is that? e_e


I really cant believe they actually got there way. Key word DONATE!!!!!!

Steve Bigg  


this is so wrong on so many levels!



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