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101 Nights of Grrreat Romance Book by Park Avenue Publishers
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Better than a romance novel; it's real romance.

Here's what's waiting inside.

"101 Romantic Seductions"

Once each week, you tear one from the book and so does your mate. Once each week you follow the recipe to seduce your lover and so does your mate. But because they're all secret - sealed up inside these pages - each one is an incredible, delicious surprise when it happens. You'll learn to be romantic by practicing romance.

"101 Kisses"

How many ways can you kiss your lover? Wait until you try The Suck-The-Mango Kiss, The Secret Surpense Kiss, The Sliiide Kiss, The Something Wild Kiss, and my personal favorite The Emergency Kiss. Includes 101 different ways to kiss your sweetheart.

"101 Passion Coupons"

Redeemable on the spot for instant hanky-panky. Hey, what good is a romance book if it doesn't generate a little heat?

"101 Pearls of Wisdom"

Each page contains advice and insight from more than forty best-selling books, like "Real Moments for Lovers," "Care of The Soul," "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success," "How To Romance The Woman You Love The Way She Wants You To," "Light His Fire," "1001 Ways To Be Romantic," "Hot Monogamy," and "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." It's an entire library of relationship books condensed into 101 chapters.

Every week you'll pick a page and tear it from the book. Every week you'll read your secret recipe for romance. Every week you'll startle, amaze and delight your lover with some highly romantic surprises. And every week your lover will do the same for you. So go ahead and tear up this book.

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