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Product summary and comments by herdisleah


They could be great for a first-timer, but ultimately you could do a lot better. The materials are pretty inexpensive, but they are functional and do their job decently. Unless you really like the feeling of being closed in...Overall, one star for functionality.

Best use:

Catalog ID: SE265920

UPC: 716770059314

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    6.5 oz
    herdisleah's opinion
    Design wise, these are pretty basic, but a clever good design. These have a lot of flexibility, as mentioned above, but the execution of the design kinda falls flat on its face. The straps are made of standard nylon straps - the kind you'd find in a hardware store or tying a sleeping bag to a a backpack. They're honestly nothing special, on first glance. There are no buckles here - its just long strips of Velcro as the closing mechanism. The wrist cuffs are pretty generous, I had to tighten them down real tight and I have average wrists. The thigh straps on the other hand, I only had about 3" extra left - so while the wrist cuffs can be worn by sturdy peasant women, the thigh cuffs should probably be used by the skinny nobles. The box mentions "Wrist adjusts up to 11.5"/29 cm, Thigh adjusts up to 27.75"/65 cm." There's not much comfort in these either - to get the thigh cuffs to not slip down, I had to tighten them pretty securely, and by then the Velcro either rubbed or the nylon didn't have enough give while I was moving to stay with my body.

    As far as the metal parts go...they were relatively standard. No real spot to put a lock on, unless you used a lock instead of the supplied hardware links. Most of the hardware was pretty average metal clasps you'd find in a hardware store.

    But shiney! Even though they're made from ordinary nylon cord, the crystals add a little bit of flair to catch the eye.
  • Performance

    Special Features:
    • Rhinestone accents
    herdisleah's opinion
    Compared to some leather shackles from Spartacus, these are going to remain in the bottom of the toy box - unless maybe I needed another pair for some reason. They're not top level of comfort, due to the simple 1" nylon without any padding. Decently strong, the weak point is in the Velcro - you could probably tear yourself out of these easily without a whole lot of work. If you want just a simple, no-brains beginner set of restraints, this is probably where its at.
  • Care and Maintenance

    herdisleah's opinion
    From my hiking activities, this kind of material is definitely weather and water resistant, but if you get it real dirty it can be a challenge to clean. Luckily this looks perfectly appropriate to throw in the laundry - and to an untrained eye, they probably look like a fancy dog leash or something if you were pulling it out of the dryer. The metal can be polished, but these kind of parts are easily replaceable with a couple dollars at a hardware store.
  • Packaging

    herdisleah's opinion
    The box is definitely not subtle! It has two pictures, front and back, of a scantily clad woman wearing these. Its a simple cardboard box, and inside the cuffs are folded and packed in plastic and sealed. There is a bit of a smell when you first open it, from the nylon, but the smell disappeared within a couple hours of having them out. No instructions, but they're really easy to figure out. Strap here, strap there, clip, done.
  • Personal comments

    herdisleah's opinion
    Overall they're functionally alright - but you could do a LOT better. Maybe for someone's first set of restraints...
  • Other

    One size fits most
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