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500 Great Dates Book by Hearst
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Whether you've been together for three weeks or three decades, every couple needs a memorable just-for-two experiences to stay close and connected, now and for years to come. Here's how Redbook can help: Inside this book you'll find 500 great ideas for spending time together, some romantic and sexy, some grand, and others pure fun. Still single? Try out some of these hot dates with someone new and you won't be for long.

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    Lisa Sussman
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    2007 year
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    • ~LaUr3n~
      Writer, rank 7.4/10

      For the price, this book has a lot to offer. Some of it is better than others, but the variety of ideas and thought put into this book shows. Each section has cheaper ideas, spice it up options, or last minute ideas. Any couple can take SOMETHING from this book. There will be a lot of things you could have come up with on your own, but it's nice to have all the ideas in one place. This is a must buy for any fun couple.

    • Crystal1
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      Although this book's title promises 500 creative, fun and sexy ways to spend time together, I unfortunately only found about a dozen ideas that were actually creative. It is not a bad way to kill an hour, but don't expect to walk away with tons of new information.

    • Passionnow4u
      Reviewer, rank 4.9/10

      This book is great for those cost effective individuals. It had a wide variety of activities ranging from a couple of bucks to tons of dough if you really want to show out....It is a great book to read alone or you can make it as a couple experience (that's spending time together...right?).

    • Dame Demi
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.5/10

      500 Great Dates is a very useful book packed full of ideas for every type of date imaginable. It also addresses concerns like how and when to prepare for the date, problems you might encounter, and dating on a budget. This one is definitely a winner for the price!

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