52 Invitations to Great Sex – a great book to ignite your sex life with

52 Invitations to Great Sex Book by Park Avenue Publishers
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More than two million couples use Laura Corn's books to ignite the fires of passion, and now she has crafted fifty-two brand-new erotic adventures with a unique and undeniably sexy twist. Each adventure comes with an invitation, ready to be pulled out and mailed to your lover for a steamy, but discreet; mysterious, yet perfectly clear message that will make every week a wild new seduction. Simply pull out one of the secret sealed pages, fill out the information and put it in the mail, leave it on a pillow, throw it in a briefcase, or anywhere else, the choice is yours. Now you can wait in anticipation as a hot new invitation finds its way into your lovemaking encounters, including 26 sealed seductions for His Eyes Only and Her Eyes Only. Try these sealed come-ons for the lustiest R.S.V.P's in your life.

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    Laura Corn
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    Park Avenue Publishers
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    2005 year
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    • Who doesn't want to have fun?
    • We have been having fun with this book recently. You don't have to do exactly what it says, you can alter the ideas to your happiness. The important thing is making it a priority again.
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