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  • Tenga Egg Material [43 posts]

    I know EF has the eggs listed as being silicone but I wondered if anyone has actually flame tested one of these cute little guys.

    Reason I ask is because I went searching the tenga website when someone (and I cannot ...

  • Tenga Eggs and Foreskin? [24 posts]

    So I'm curious because I'd love to get my boyfriend one of these. He is not circumcised, meaning he has his foreskin (thank goodness :D ) but that makes we wonder how well these would work for him. See the reason I ask ...

  • Where have all the Tenga Eggs gone? [11 posts]

    I'm not sure if I keep missing when these come back in stock and they just get bought up really fast or if they just aren't ordering any more. But My partner adores these eggs and would really like to try the Sparkle or ...

  • Are tenga eggs any good? [6 posts]

    Are they good

  • tenga+strap-on? [18 posts]

    I don't know why, but I keep fantasizing about jerking off my strap-on/hard pack cock with a tenga egg. I feel kinda ridiculous about it but WHY NOT POST IT ON HERE (oh god my tumblr is showing)

    I know some of y'all ...

  • Tenga [7 posts]

    Whitch Tenga do you think is the best ?

  • Single use? [47 posts]

    I'm wondering exactly why these are only single-use. I've read most of the reviews, but still do not understand exactly why (I would have commented, I just wanted to make a general discussion). Since it's silicone, ...

  • Which texture should I get? [5 posts]

    I've been super curious about masturbators especially because I don't have a penis so I won't really get to try them out. but I was thinking of getting one of these for my boyfriend as a gift. I figured these eggs would ...

  • Fleshlight [7 posts]

    How does it compare to the fleshlight feeling?

  • Anyone have this product? Does it work well? [16 posts]

    What does everyone who has it think? Do you know anyone with it?

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