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Clear Purple Multi-color Purple
Sensual kit BDSM kit Vibrator kit Vibrator kit Anal kit Wand massager
LELO Pipedream Doc Johnson California Exotic Doc Johnson California Exotic
Essential Contents:
Anal probes / Lube / Sleeves / Vibrators
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Material and Safety

In order to help you select the best vibrator to suit your needs, Edenfantasys offers our material filter categories and the Sex toy material guide on each type we offer.

Strong vibrations are best carried through toys made from firm materials such as Plastic, Acrylic, or Metal.

Realistic feeling vibrators, made from Skin like materials, mimic the feel of flesh with soft surfaces and a velvety texture.

For mild stimulation, choose soft materials like Jelly or Elastomer.

For a mix of soft and firm, Silicone is a great option. These vibrators are flexible, durable, and carry vibrations well.

Material safety: Indication of overall safety based on cleaning and chemical properties, on a 1-10 scale (10 being the safest).
Safety features:
Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
Smooth Ribbed Ribbed / Smooth / Swirled Nubbed / Smooth / Studded
3" 3 3/4" / 5" 2" / 3" / 4"
1" 1 1/2" / 1" 1 1/4" / 1" / 3/4" 1 3/4"
Insertable length:
4 1/2" / 5 3/4" 10" / 3 1/2" / 6 1/4" / 6" / 7 1/2"
28" 4" 10" / 6 1/4" 11" / 4" / 6 1/4" / 7 1/2" / 7" 7 3/4"
1 fl.oz.
3 1/4"
2 lb 2.5 lb 1 lb 19.5 oz
Clitoral attachment shape:
Control type:
Control pack Dial-base Built in control pad / Control pack Dial-base Touch slide
Pulsating Vibrating Rotating / Vibrating Vibrating Vibrating
Powered By:
Aaa-2 Aa-1 Aa-6 Electric
Special Features:
Kinky / Lubricant included / Multifunction / Multispeed / Travel kit Batteries included / Waterproof Multifunction / Multispeed Multispeed Attachments / Gifts / Multispeed / Powerful / Travel kit
  • Pros: Luna Noir Beads, Silicone, beginner friendly, and gift-able.
    Cons: Expensive, light impact (flogger), and too light for restraints (cuffs.)
  • Pros: Made for beginners to kink, Very luxurious packaging, Decent items included, Cheaper
    Cons: Very specific kit, "Meh" cuffs, Non-interchangeable vaginal weights, Flogger sheds
  • Pros: High quality, gentle but effective stimulation.
    Cons: Non Vegan, pricey.
  • Pros: Amazing case, quality workmanship, all inclusive.
    Cons: Nipple clip jaws are weak, battery pack is confusing.
    Airen Wolf
  • Pros: Compact Easy to store Great concept
    Cons: Poor quality Troublesome to clean Controls don't work
    Devilish Asian
  • Pros: Waterproof Fairly quiet Decent in strength Variety of attachments
    Cons: Smell One speed
  • Pros: strong, powerful, waterproof, attachments, comes with battery and lube, affordable
    Cons: dial is hard to operate
  • Pros: Strong, nearly silent, plenty of variety, and it comes with a battery and lube!
    Cons: Softer attachments, though the firm ones are fine for me.
    Darling Dove
  • Pros: Waterproof, comes with battery and warranty. Also includes Jenna's Favorite Lube.
    Cons: Some of the attachments are a little too pointy. Hard to turn on with one hand.
  • Pros: THE ATTACHMENTS! So easy to switch from one to another.
    Cons: Nothing is fantastic about the vibe. When you add to much pressure, it slows down.
  • Pros: Realistic Head, Powerful, Great Design, Beaded Massaging Shaft, and Duel Action
    Cons: A. little on the loud side. Takes alot of batteries (6).
  • Pros: Purple Price Variety
    Cons: Jelly No base on anal probe Loud
  • Pros: Worth it for vibrator alone, decent anal probe, good deal for the price.
    Cons: Not the safest material, and bullet disconnects from controller if you even look at it funny.
  • Pros: Intense clit stimulation - separate anal toy - great for beginners.
    Cons: Loud, sensitive controls.
    Phoenix Fire
  • Pros: Powerful vibrations, rotating head and beads on vibe
    Cons: Large vibe, small probe, noisy
  • Pros: Kits are always nice to have, Low price for a kit, great for beginners
    Cons: Same color different shade, may not be able to use the lube, low safety materials
  • I recommend this, but suggest either getting an enema kit, or purchasing a different set of anal beads.  I look forward to trying the toys on my partner when he is back in town; he is very skittish about anal toys, but I think he will be able to handle at least the smallest two butt plugs. Hellethe
  • Pros: Its wonderfullll!!!!!!!
    Cons: I would like the anal beads spaced just a bit wider.
  • Pros: Good sampler of anal toys for beginners
    Cons: Toys are on the cheap side
  • Pros: Great jelly butt plug and anal beads, disappointed that the orange didn't come with this kit.
    Cons: Cheap vibrator, did not like the sleeves for vibrator, did not like the lube at all.
  • Pros: POWERFUL, Electric, Easy to use, Versatile, Small, Attachments
    Cons: LOUD, Porous, Can be used only for 20 minutes, Material can get ruined
  • Pros: Feels great for massage, 4 different attachments, Discreet Looking, No Batteries just plug in and go
    Cons: Attachments come off easily during play, Vibrates at the handle, Flimsy power cord
  • Pros: Good power, pleasing design, not bad for sensation play.
    Cons: Power isn't directed, cord is thin and short, attachments aren't great for any particular purpose.
  • Pros: POWERFUL vibrations, no need for batteries, smaller than other massagers like it.
    Cons: Cord, may be too powerful for some, not waterproof.
  • Pros: compact size with a powerful punch, multiple heads, two different speeds
    Cons: very loud, has to be constantly plugged in with a short cord, could be too powerful for some
    Alaska Child
General Information
1:1 | All photos
1:1 | All photos
1:1 | All photos
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All photos
1:1 | All photos
Our Price:
$109.99 $87.99 $159.99 $31.99 $39.99 $48.49 $39.99
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