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A touch of honey body dust

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Even with more cons than pros, this product is still worth it for the price. With a varying berry flavor and texture depending upon the user, this could be something great for you, but bad for the next person.


Feels like silk on skin, smells nice, great value.


Messy, leaves sticky residue, taste is controversial, powdery texture on tongue.

Best use:

A Touch of Honey body dust is intended (as the name "body dust" suggests) to be dusted over one's body with the included marabou feather to add a delicious aroma and taste to the skin's surface. It is a great product (in our opinion) if you desire a little more flavor in your foreplay. The two of us love to explore each other's bodies with our lips and tongues just as much as we do with our hands, so adding a flavorful dust to the mix seemed appealing to us both. The flavor of this honey dust is not for everyone though. Additionally, the handle of the feather applicator was a little small for the two of us so we added a little extra tape to make it easier to handle. The feather was also very difficult to get out from behind the cardboard separator in the lid. A thin, yet sturdy tool (i.e. a key, screwdriver, fingernail, etc.) is needed to pry the cardboard separator out. We would also suggest that you use this product in a well-lit room if you are concerned about a big, sugary mess. Despite these few problems, this product is a good value for the affordable price that you pay.
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The finely ground powder sits so lightly on the skin that it can barely be felt when applied. It has a silky texture and stays on the skin pretty well, if applied in a thin layer. However, because it is so finely ground, there is always fear of a mess. The moment Kins opened the container, a puff of honey dust came shooting out at both of us. Additionally, placing the feather into the container causes another little cloud of dust to poof out.

    Besides the fact that the marabou feather is most likely the cause for the powdered sugary mess, it is perfectly textured for dusting this product onto the skin. Kins described it as feeling like a soft breeze on the skin. We both got instant chills when we used the feather.

    Corn starch, Dextrose, Baked honey, Sodium saccharin, Flavor
  • Taste / Aroma:

    The taste was controversial. Kins took the first taste and loved it, describing it as having a smooth berry taste. Jay did not think so highly of the taste, however, complaining that it tasted more of corn starch than berries. We both agreed that it had a slightly bitter aftertaste. It also kept its powdery texture once it was licked up which did not sit well on either of our tongues.

    It was agreed upon that the berry smell was strong but not overpowering. It didn't offend either of our noses. The aroma was long lasting too.

  • Performance:

    This product is going to last us for years to come. Since the honey dust stays on the skin best when applied in a thin layer, you only ever use the tiniest bit at a time. It is definitely a great value (if you like the taste and don't mind a little bit of a sugary mess).

    Once you're done enjoying the honey dust on your or your partner's body, however, the saliva and sugar combined tend to leave a sticky residue on the skin. We found that this can easily be cleaned off with a wet wash cloth.

  • Packaging:

    The product is packaged in a small jar with a twist top lid, weighing 60gms. The look of the label isn't something exactly "eye-catching", but is discreet enough to keep out in the open without too many questions about it. Perfect for travel, except for the feather applicator.

    The package "instructs" the user to "use your imagination and enjoy." While these instructions were cute and catchy, more specific instructions about how to best remove and use the feather applicator would have been appreciated.

    2 fl.oz.
    0.1 lb
  • Other
    Special Features:
    • All natural
    • Edible
    • Scented
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