AfroDite Superstar – a great story filled with interracial sex

AfroDite Superstar DVD by Adam & Eve
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    Straight / Interracial
    Adam & Eve
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    Behind the scenes photos / Dolby digital surround / Web site access / Behind the Scenes / Trailers / Director's Biography
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    Candida Royalle's

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    Customer comments

    • conservative1
      I have tried waching porn, but the cum shots and close-ups were sickening, so I was really curious about a cleaner version called erotica. I was more excited to find one, produced by a woman, with an African American, female as the lead role and judiging from the trailer I saw on the Candida Royalle trailer it looks really interesting. Athough it was cleaner, no cum shots or gang bangs it was still basically actors/actresses have pointless, meaningless sex. The movie didn't flow well at all, and most of the sex scenes were just unnecessary and out of place. I was expecting more of an actual plot directed toally on AfroDite, so I didn't see the point of having so many other useless characters having pointless sex that had nothing to with the story line. Afrodite actually only had 1 sex scene which was at the end, excluding her ridiculous masturbation scene. If the whole point of the movie was for her to become a star and fall for CEO, wouldn't it have made more sense to have more scenes with CEO in it, and not just throw him in at the finale. Total waste, I think I'll just stick to HBO, lol.
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