Relationship Enrichment Systems Aromatherapy bath - Sensual bath from Relationship Enrichment Systems

Aromatherapy bath Sensual bath by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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The combination of oils and lotions in the Aromatherapy bath fragrances kit is no random assortment; far from it, this specific combination was designed to take your senses of smell and touch for a sensual rollercoaster ride.

So "relax, close your eyes and inhale our fragrant, uplifting blend of aromatherapy flavors."

Here's what the kit comes with: two ounces each of foaming bubble bath, bath oil, body massage lotion and splash--a fragrant and cooling refresher spray.

We recommend starting off with the pungent bubble bath as a way to have foreplay and get cleaned up for the main event at the same time.

The bath oil will leave your skin soft and supple-- so soft you won't be able to get your hands off each other--and the body lotion is a great way for you to relieve each others stress through massage and moisturize at the same time.

This kit has all the ingredients of a memorable night, so surprise your lover with a few hours of "stress relief" that he or she will never forget.

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