Relationship Enrichment Systems Aromatherapy indulgence - Sensual kit from Relationship Enrichment Systems

Aromatherapy indulgence Sensual kit by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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Designed to relax your body and soul, the Aromatherapy bath and spa kit is a brilliant combination of soothing aromatic lotions and oils, complete with everything you and your partner need for a sensual experience you'll never forget. Really. This kit comes with everything from bubble bath to foot massage cream to bath salts. Let's just go through the list:

1. Foaming bubble bath--yes, it smells as good as it sounds.

2. Bath and shower gel--get clean before you get dirty.

3. Exfoliating body scrub--this lotion cleans out your pours. This sensitizes every inch of your body by letting your skin ""breathe"" better.

4. Body and massage lotion--a great way to relieve stress.

Exploring your partner's body while soothing it is a great segway to the main event.

5. Body splash--a refreshing and cooling body spray.

6. Mineral bath salts--use these in the tub to restore essential minerals to your skin while moisturizing and rejuvenating it for a soft and supple feel.

7. Reflexology foot creme--this aromatherapy massage cream will relieve and make you forget your everyday stress.

8. Mesh loofah--rubs the lotions and oils deep into your skin

This comprehensive kit comes in an unpresumptuous clear drawstring bag--the contents of which will make your skin come to life with freshness and sensuality.

Makes a great gift for the one you love

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