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Bare With Me™ is the sexy game of creative thought, candid opinion and racy revelation. Players reveal their sexy reasoning or complete "pointed" sentence stems in their own words. For instance, do you know what your lover or friends would write if asked to list 2 reasons for having sex on the first date? Or how would they complete the sentence "If sex was playground equipment, I'd be..." or "You know I'm feeling horny when..."? Winning the game is easy: be the first player to collect a token from each of the other players by correctly guessing their answer! Four lusty versions make Bare With Me™ a great party game that will keep things jumping all night and day long, over and over again!

For 3 to 8 adult players. Contents include 80 Bare With Me™ cards, 64 Bare With Me™ tokens, 1 game die, 8 Bare With Me™ writing pads, 8 pencils and 1 instruction sheet.

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    • Libbi
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5/10

      For hours, we talked of fisting watermelons and removing ribs to suck our own dicks. The whole night was spent laughing and being surprised at the shy ones of the group coming up with the most outrageous answers.

    • VegiEE_shark
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.9/10

      All in all, a great game! I wound up hearing some of the most personal and hilarious stories during a round of Bare with Me. My sides were split by the end of the night! This game definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

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