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I am so glam shimmering body powder

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The phrase "I'm So Glam" may sound vain, but this product is not. Designed to be an erotic body powder to accentuate the shoulders, cheeks, and other areas with a nice golden shimmer, this powder can add that simple but sexy aura on your body to add to any foreplay session. It can be used for non-erotic uses as well. Everything, from this product's packaging to the way the powder looks on the skin, screams "glam" and chic, and much more.


Light, sexy golden shimmer, nice fragrance.


Compact is messy, not easy to apply.
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The texture of this powder is, well, powdery. It's very light and feathery, indicating that it won't weigh down your skin, or create any breakouts or cause irritation. My main complaint about this product is how messy it is. When you open the compact, there is a lid over the powder to place the powder puff and to prevent any powder from pouring out. Applying the powder, at least for me, wasn't that easy or convenient and, if not applied carefully, can create quite a powdery mess that isn't cute or pretty. Thankfully, the powder is light enough to easily vacuum if you get powder on the floor, and it doesn't stain or ruin clothing. When wearing this powder, it hardly feels as if you are wearing any kind of makeup powder at all, which is a plus! It goes into the skin rather smoothly and a little goes a long way to achieve that golden shimmering effect.

    Talc, Mica, Iron, Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Phenoxyethanol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Dimethicone, Potassium Sorbate, Fragrance.
  • Taste / Aroma:

    Love to Love's products smell FANTASTIC, and their powder is no exception! There is fragrance in the powder, though the product says nothing about exactly what kind of fragrance it is. It is hard to tell. It very much smells like powder with a very light flower undertone to it that's not overpowering or perfumy. It adds just that right hint of fragrance that feels and smells erotic and sexy.

  • Performance:

    As noted in the instructions, this powder is best used for dabbing on the shoulders, cheek bones, and breast area. Despite how applying the powder can be very messy, the effect is very stunning. It's a shimmering golden brown color that blends in with one's skin tone. It's beautiful, sexy, and simple. I have cocoa brown skin; when I first saw the color of the powder, I didn't think it would blend or fit well with my color shade and skin tone, but it turned out to accentuate it very well. I can't speak for how it may look on lighter or much darker skin tones/complexions, and I'm not entirely sure if they have a variety of powder colors to choose from, but I could imagine that this powder can be worn on most skin tones if blended in very well.

    This powder can be worn for as long as necessary or needed. Keep in mind to avoid eye contact (so if you plan on using it on your eyelids, use a very small amount of it so not a speck of it will fall into your eye), keep away from light and heat, and keep out of reach of children. As with all powders, it takes nothing more than a good wash in the sink or shower to rinse the powder off. What I like the most about this powder that the ingredients are simple (talc, mica, iron oxides, etc.) and paraben free. It can be an "erotic powder" as well as an every day use product if need be.

  • Packaging:

    I'm not always one to really be all that crazy for product packaging, but this one particularly caught my eye for many reasons. Being a francophile myself, I was in LOVE with everything about it: the pin up girl on the front of the "I'm so glam" cover that was reminiscent to me of the 70s or the Yé Yé era in France, their catch phrases ("Sex, fun, & rock n' roll" and "le vrai luxe, c'est le plaisir"), and their quotes of love and desire from very famous French writers, philosophers, and poets. The company is specifically based in Marseille, France. The instruction manual is mostly in French but also has translations in English, Spanish, and German, and the instructions provided are very simple and straightforward. The overall packaging of the porcelain white box is very eye-catching, with the bold hot pink and black font and, of course, the sexy lady on the cover. It's all very chic, smart, and sexy, which makes it very French indeed.

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    2.5 oz
  • Other
    Safety features:
    No Phthalates / No Sulfates / No Triclosan / Parabens free
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