Beauty and Submission – get affected by the beauty of total sexual submission

Beauty and Submission Book by Magic Carpet Books
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A sex slave is very often a woman who dares to admit to herself exactly what she wants. Absolute submission to love requires a mysterious strength of character that is a far cry from the stereotype of sex slaves as mindless doormats with no self-respect. In a desire to tell the truth and dispel negative stereotypes about the life of a sex slave, Maria Isabel Pita wrote The Story of M – A Memoir, and her intensely erotic life with the man of her dreams continues in this vividly detailed sexual and philosophical account of her second year of training as a slave to her Master and soul mate. Before I entered the BDSM lifestyle with the man I now call "my Master" as casually as other women say "my husband" I did not believe a sex slave could lead a normal, healthy life. I though my dreams of true love and my desire for a demanding Master were like matter and anti-matter canceling each other out. I have since learned otherwise, and Beauty & Submission continues the detailed account of my ascent into submission as an intelligent woman with an independent spirit who is now also willingly and happily a masterful man's love slave. I have no other Master except Stinger, and I am his one-and-only slave. Some men give women engagement rings, Stinger forged a silver collar and a lock for me to which only he has the key.

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