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Becoming Orgasmic DVD DVD by Ultimate
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A sexual and personal growth program for women...and the men who love them.

Here is the most enjoyable, comfortable way you and your partner can learn in the privacy of your own home.

This therapist-developed, doctor-approved program guides you through the proven, time-tested techniques thousands of women have used to achieve orgasm. This highly effective self-help program was specifically designed to empower women to overcome the barriers within themselves that prevent orgasm.

The 83-minute program, which is both educational and highly explicit, can be used alone or with your partner. You'll get instructions for achieving orgasm - from exploring your body and masturbation techniques to partner participation and intercourse. By exploring techniques for increasing sexual desire, learning how to relax and by examining how you see yourself, you'll grow to be your sexual best! America's top sex educators help you put more pleasure and excitement in your intimate relationships.

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    • LJP
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      This DVD is very informative and the material is well presented. Based on my own experience, their advice and tips are spot on. I did not realize this was strictly basics and was hoping it covered other areas (G Spots etc), which is why I ordered it. But it is nice to get back to basics; especially for those who do achieve orgasms, but may have a hard time in doing so.

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