Best American Erotica 2005 – a compilation of the best US erotic stories

Best American Erotica 2005 Book by Simon & Schuster Books
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Full of literary star power and with absolutely nothing out of bounds, these steamy short stories pack a wallop for every sexual taste.Susie Bright is the fearless boundary crosser of contemporary erotica, and The Best American Erotica 2005 features stories of unprecedented literary pedigree and a stunning breadth of imagination. Pulitzer Prize-winner Jane Smiley details a beautiful erotic interlude in an otherwise sordid real estate deal; Mary Gaitskill celebrates the unexpected ardor of one middle-aged couple; Steve Almond reminisces about the best one-man/three-girl Ecstasy party ever; Nelson George recounts the erotic escapades that befall a young man who accompanies a celebrity athlete when he picks up a gaggle of girls; and Carol Queen explores the joys of making love with summer fruit. Readers will also thrill to the year's most stellar stories from every imaginable erotic genre. The class of The Best American Erotica 2005 is changing the rules about sex. It's no longer pulp fiction; it's must-read literature showcasing the best writing around, all packed into the year's sexiest anthology. Including stories by Jane Smiley, Mary Gaitskill, Steve Almond, and Nelson George

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    2005 year
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