Best Sex Writing 2006 – a compilation of the best non-fiction sex stories of the year

Best Sex Writing 2006 Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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Compiling the best nonfiction/essay sex writing of 2006, this book is uproariously funny, arousing, and at times poignant and powerful. As a "candy store for the curious and dirty-minded" editors Felice Newman and Frederique Delacoste (authors of "Sex Work") offer a snapshot of the complex, provocative, and often challenging repertoire of American sexual life. "Glimpses of erotic escapades and the burgeoning sex industry," fill this volume of strong journalistic work, where "unpredictable intersections of love, lust, and exploitation" are constantly meeting. Shalom Auslander longs for the old day of sexual repression in the hilarious "Where's the Sin? An Anti-Sermon," while Natalie Moore and Natalie Hopkins explore the relationship between African-American strippers and their fathers in the moving cultural dissection, "The Pole Test." Bound, slapped around, and ultimately reveling in the sublime is how Stephen Elliott finds pleasure in the fantastic "Just Always Be Good," as Michelle Orange details her attempt at losing virginity to a boy she picked out in "The Nutty Confessor." Overall this book isn't necessarily erotica, but more so a celebration of sexuality and life, ranging from the intimate memoir to full-throttle subversive rant, with all the trappings of self-deprecation, clumsiness, honesty and humanity expressed through expose, both mentally and physically.

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