Best Women's Erotica 2006 – a great compilation of hot erotic stories

Best Women's Erotica 2006 Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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Sexy, smart and literate, the 2006 collection of the Best Women's Erotica does not fail to meet expectations as editor Violet Blue once again delivers a wonderful set of stories predicated on the ideal of the female desire and lust for sexual gratification. Offering risky and authentic stories of female-driven fantasies this edgy erotica provides a realistic and genuine feel that comes from strength and experience. As "one of the hottest, steamiest books" of the year, you'll salivate over the pages with Sydney Beier's "Reading to Horst," in which an American living in Germany confronts the language of lust firsthand. Alison Tyler's "Four on the Floor" finds a pair of lovers hunting for and conquering numerous other couples, and Elizabeth Coldwell's "Heat," describes the fierce affair between a barmaid and the boss she despises. All these and more make up this fabulous piece of work, with sexually liberated, ravenous and hungry women fulfilling their desires in 20 stories perfect for the veteran or novice of adult literature.

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