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Turn your bedroom into a zone of hot gentle darkness with the Black lite body paint kit by Pipedream. This sensual pleasure kit includes 4 blacklite body paints, 26 love scented incense sticks, 75 watt blacklite bulb, 3 1oz body heat warming massage lotions and 2 spanish fly sample packs. It is all you need to get the hottest and wildest night together tight in your room. Don't hesitate to experience new forms of sensual pleasure - it's that easy.

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UPC: 603912107210

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    9 oz
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    • Sensual enhancer
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    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.8/10

      The kit itself is a bad idea. Honestly, it will provide some long-lasting amusement as long as you don't expect it to actually work like it's supposed to. The incense smells wonderful, the massage oil isn't bad, the black light bulb works great, but the body paint just doesn't glow like it's supposed to.

    • Darkestraven
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      The Black Light Body Paint Kit is an amazing kit that will bring so much fun into the bedroom. Between the laughs you have painting each other all over and the sensuality in giving and receiving an oil massage this kit has it all. Almost everything is in this kit to provide the perfect atmosphere for couples to let it all loose. Remember messiness is required.

    • Lady Neshamah
      Writer, rank 6.2/10

      The Black Lite Body Paint Kit is something that would be fun for any one that wants to play some at home with black light or at a club. It comes with bright colors and a lot of little extra funness.

    • maymay
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.3/10

      This is actually a hard review to write because there's so little I thought was actually good about this so-called kit. On the other hand, it is exceptionally cheap, which, though this becomes painfully apparent when you actually try to use anything in the kit, would certainly make me feel better if I had purchased the thing.

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