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If you've ever fantasized about Tori Black, you will not want to miss this dirty talk CD that lets you indulge yourself to the tune of Tori's hot voice. Zero Tolerance brings you a CD full of sexy audio tracks voiced by Tori Black herself, the raven-haired goddess of adult film. She'll talk you through oral, anal, cowgirl, doggy, missionary, fast and slow, and then she begs you to come at the end! Simply load the tracks onto your Smart Phone, MP3 player, tablet, stereo or anywhere you would listen to music. Then sit back, relax and let Tori talk you through the hottest sex you'll ever hear!

Catalog ID: ZETD5218

UPC: 844477005218

  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Record studio:
    Zero Tolerance
    Running time:
    70 mins.
    Perfomance style:
    Erotic story
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  • Reviews(22)

    • This CD is for those who are into auditory stimulation and those who are fans of Tori Black. This will certainly be a great CD for those who like the genre, but it may be difficult for those who have never experienced this genre to enjoy this. The sound quality of the CD is very good for the most part, even though some of the dialogue is repeated several times, but there are hiccups here and there that prevent this from being great.

    • SuperStar12
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.1/10

      I consider this CD to be a cross between hard and soft core porn. The CD is long enough, longer than average sex lasts, so you can fantasize all day on her moaning alone. This product works for all. You can picture that you're the one doing all the naughty things to all of Tori's naughty parts, like her ass, throat, or wet pussy, or you can imagine being Tori, a very sexy woman getting fucked and moaning her way to heaven. Another cool aspect is that there is a threesome scene.

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    Customer comments

    • Yes its a audio cd. Its interesting if your in a place where u cant watch hardcore porn , I use it once in a while when there's nothing good to stream online, if not the moaning alone can get you in the mood at least
    • I don't think so
    • Wow
    • wherent bad got my misses enjoyed it alot though :P
    • These are interesting... but not for me.
    • Not interested.
    • I'm not sure if my husband would like it or not...
    • Lol okay.
    • I like Tori's voice might give this a try if I need a some thing to pad on order for free shipping.
    • So it's just sex NOISES?
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