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Never Have the Same Sex Twice Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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"I crave the security of being with one partner-the assuredness that he will always be there for me. And yet I'm an adventurous lover. I want to test the bindings, pull on the handcuffs, and rattle the headboard in the sexual side of our relationship. I always want to look at him afterward, and think, Oh, my god that was good..." -from the Introduction

For couples who don't want monogamy to equal monotony, Alison Tyler's Never Have the Same Sex Twice offers the perfect antidote to marital doldrums. Tyler lets us in on her secret: the trust that a long-term couple builds is the foundation for uninhibited, imaginative sex. She blends expert advice on avoiding the "same old same old" with excerpts from her favorite erotic stories ilustrating her extensive repertoire of sexual techniques and fantasies designed to liven up the bedroom.

In this timely, practical guide that doesn't skimp on fun, Tyler offers 17 chapters filled with erotic insights and inspiring stories to keep it fresh and transform even long-term relationships from humdrum to hot.

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