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Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way Book by Chronicle Books
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After all these years of thinking 69 was our lucky number, the perpetrators of's wildly popular "Position of the Day" have hand-picked 366 of their very best erotic scenarios into one gloriously chunky, deeply inspiring, and hilarious compendium. Yes, that's 366, one for each day of the year plus a little something special for leap year. Illustrated with anatomically correct drawn figures, the positions run the lusty gamut from plausible to creative to "Honey, get my weight belt, this is going to require some heavy lifting."

For beginners and the acrobatically challenged, there are accessible suggestions such as the Corporate Merger, the Wet Blanket, and the TV Dinner. Meanwhile, the adept and adventurous can try their hand at The Snow Blower, The Papoose, and the Quasimodo, which field-testing suggests is best attempted only after a vigorous round of stretching and a can of Red Bull. "Position of the Day" is about not becoming a creature of habit, because even the "Excuse Me, Do I Know You?" can get boring if that's the only position in your repertoire. Em & Lo (Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey) pen's sex and relationships advice column, "The Em & Lo Down (Advice from Near-Experts)."

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    Emma Taylor / Lorelei Sharkey
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    Chronicle Books
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    2003 year
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    • Awesome!
    • Would love this.
    • I wanna try every position!
    • I added it to my wish list thinking hey why not? and then I saw the pictures and you can barely tell how they want you to position. Is that picture sitting down or laying down? hard to tell, plus I only need something that is for male/female positions not girl/girl or man/man or group
    • Cute but no Kama Sutra.
    • ;)
    • I don't really like this book. Just got it today, and looked through it quickly. I wouldn't waste more time on it. Each page is an awful drawn picture, just as it shows, and I can deal with that. But some show group sex - not a "position" as much as a very open couples option. One showed "The Headache" - two people simply standing back to back, but away from each other. No sexual position in the least. Granted I bought this to amuse my husband, but those pages are disappointing. And a heads up to anyone that might get this for someone very close minded in their life - there are pics intended to be girl/girl and guy/guy. I don't mind, but feel it should be known what's included if someone is going to spend their money on something they might not want for any reason. I'm hoping my husband still gets a laugh out of it though:-)
    • cool idea
    • im getting this book!
    • Looks interesting
    • willing to try!
    • So cool!
    • want it!
    • This would be another waste of money. I'm glad I won this and didn't actually pay for it.
    • Im curious to see all the positions in this book
    • KnK
      I'd get this just for the novelty
    • mrsz
      We received this book as a wedding gift 6 years ago. It was a great way for us to bond as newly weds. As new parents we even learned there is another great use for the rocking chair beyond the typical! We keep it on our bookshelf for nights we need some ideas, While not all positions are for everyone, I think there is enough to encourage some beyond missionary nights.
    • Pretty cool book. I bought it for some new inspirations & maybe a few laughs. I definately got both. Alot of the positions i couldnt do unless i was a contortionist. Definately a good book to buy but not the best.
    • I'm tempted to get it just for the hilarity factor in trying most of these. I'm really good at not being sexy. :)
    • am so getting this book and trying it
    • The pictures seem to be fairly complex for this book. I think it would make a great gag gift though :)
    • Aliza
      This is a really fun book full of inspirational and funny positions. Originally published on for humour they never imagined that couples would actually try these weird and wonderful positions out in real life, but of course they did. Nerve claim that a third of the positions are not possible, maybe a quarter if you are extremely adventurous, flexible and or strong. The ones that are possible make you go ‘hmmmm, that looks like fun’ and the ones that obviously aren’t make you go ‘what the f*ck?’ The book is beautifully produced with its shiny red cover, appealing simple line drawings and hilariously comical names. My personal favourite include; ‘Excuse me, do I know you’, ‘The postman always rings twice’, ‘Looking for lose change’, and ‘The view’. There are 366 positions included in the book, each one dated and an additional one for leap years. I really enjoy the fact that not all the couples depicted are the traditional male and female, some positions are for two females, two males, threesomes, foursomes and even one for three males. As they say in the introduction, “The moment you think you know all there is to know about sex is the moment your sex life is over.” How very true, and this is one book which will certainly make you realise that you don’t know everything about sex, in fact imagining these positions is a very humbling experience when you realise how few you’ve actually ever tried. Position of the Day makes a wonderful sexy coffee table book which will certainly get the conversation and laughter flowing. It would also make a great gift for someone in a rut or about to get married.
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