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Redbook's Stay in Lust Forever Book by Hearst
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The one book every married couple needs at their bedside, Stay In Lust Forever is a fabulous compendium of advice with 10 major secrets couples need for a long-lasting and passionate relationships. It has always been a question, how do you stay hot for each other when the thrill of the chase is over or when the mystery is gone? Whether you're restoring honeymoon lust, fanning more passionate flames, or just trying to keep the consistency of your current situation, this book will help you discover the secrets to keeping passion alive in your marriage today and beyond. By learning these 10 secrets you'll discover the surprising news about "what men want, what women need, and what real couples are doing to make their desire last." Author Pamela Lister, Redbook readers, and leading sex experts all weight in with candid suggestions from simply making out in a parked car to an x-rated night in a hotel. As well, they provide advice on driving your partner wild, how to ask for and get what you want, and overcoming personal inhibitions about intimacy, performance and self-image that will make your lust last forever.

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    2001 year
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    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.7/10

      If you are a middle-aged female with children, this is a good book to open and read. It has great information and gives you easy ways to make your sex life more exciting. If not, however, all of the information in this book will assume that you are and may not apply to your own age group.

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    Customer comments

    • I am ordering this before Saturday. I hope it's okay and not aimed at any specific age group.
    • Sounds nice!
    • i like the idea of this book
    • I may have to invest in this.. who DOESN'T want to stay in lust with their partner??
    • I might add this. It makes me defensive to think I'm not in lust anymore and that I'd need a book to help me, but it might be a good read.
    • dont care that i aint middle age, it will still make for a good read when i need one
    • :D
    • Might check this one out
    • hmm?
    • interesting
    more reviews (3)
    • like the title however hearing 'if you are middle aged' turns me off to it a bit
    • Want
    • Love the title and review. Got to get this one.
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