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Product summary and comments by deadpoet


The Sex Bible is one book everyone should have in their book case. It's full of helpful information and great pictures. You will learn new techniques and have with the one you love with the positions, and tips. This book is inexpensive and all around the best book I have read so far.

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  • About author

    Susan Crain Bakos
    deadpoet's opinion
    Susan Crain Bakos is a great author. The Sex Bible was full of so much information and she did a great job making all the parts flow together. This is the first time reading a book by Susan, and I can't wait to read more of her work. Lets get to a little info about Susan; she lives in New York City and is the author of the international best seller "Sexational secrets". She has also written numerous magazine articles for "Redbook", and "Penthouse" just to name two.
  • Content / Style / Audience

    Publication date:
    2006 year
    deadpoet's opinion
    The Sex Bible talks about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING; from seduction, foreplay to intercourse, sex toys to S/M, and even anal sex. Susan Bakos talks about what an orgasm is and how to slow down your orgasms, how to have multiple orgasms in the same session, for both men and women. She talks about the history of sex, like karma sutra and some of the techniques, and tantric sex, which is spiritual enlightenment. There is so much information, you won't know where to start first.

    Her writing style is very informative. At the beginning of every part she talks about the research and statistics about what the topic is in that chapter, and has technique tips for everything, even kissing. She has Couples Stories, in which real people are talking about experiences of whatever the section is on. For example, in part one: Seduction, there is a couple’s story about the first time they met, and how the seduced each other and have been together ever since.

    I believe this book is geared towards couples that want to learn more about the sex. Also for single people who may be having trouble getting some or trying to work on having a relationship with someone. This will help anyone needing help in the bedroom or just wants to spice it up.
  • Design

    Number of Pages:
    10 1/4"
    10 1/4"
    deadpoet's opinion
    I love the layout of this book. Pictures are a great help for the positions. From the cover picture, you can tell what this book is going to be about. But not ad graphic as you would expect. This book goes step by step, in depth, of lovemaking; from getting the person you want to making them happy, and how to kink it up a bit. It is very well put together; when a section talks about something that will be said later or already been said, it tells you what page and basically, what section to find it in the chapter, which is good. Some books don't even do that for the readers.
  • Personal comments

    deadpoet's opinion
    The Sex Bible was so well written and has so much information, I actually used sticky notes to write some of the techniques down on. One of the great things about this book is Susan has real couple stories, like I said before, and also has real quotes from both men and women about some of the topics she wrote about.

    I learned so much about my own body from this book, like pleasure points; I didn't know about them. In the section about toys, she also talks about games. They all sound like fun and can't wait to play a few myself. She also talks about a position called the Passion Flower, which is a position she developed with some help. This position sounds so passionate and pleasurable.
  • Experience

    deadpoet's opinion
    This is the first sexual book I have ever owned and I love it. I'm a young girl and don't have a lot of "experience", and this book taught me more than sex education and my mom combined. There are things in this book that I don't believe will work with me, because I am a bigger girl. I wish there was a little section for that.
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