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Are you ready to explore your deepest erotic desires and go further than you've ever gone before? Well then this book is for you. Discover the daring and adventurous side of your sexuality with this "fully guided tour to truly liberating erotic adventures" that will teach you how to "dress to thrill and tease to please." Sex expert and bestselling author Anne Hooper will spark your imagination and spice up your sexual repertoire. With over 25 years experience as a writer, researcher and therapist Hooper, reveals a whole new world of sexual adventure with her trusted, uber-erotic guidance showing you what to try and what's safe. From fetishes to fantasies and dirty dancing to tantric tricks, this book demystifies a range of sexual styles, games, toys, fantasies, and more, so you know what's worth trying and what's right for you. With personal "how was it for you" accounts of first-time sex-play experiences, quizzes to help you find your true sexual nature and stunning erotic color photography, you'll lose all inhibitions and enjoy playtime as never before.

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    Anne Hooper
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    DK Publishing
    Publication date:
    2006 year
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    Flexi Cover
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    8 3/4"

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