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"Your private parts shouldn't be private to you" and this groundbreaking doctor's guide provides every woman with clear and empowering information for complete vulvovaginal health. Doctor Elizabeth G. Stewart, the nation's foremost expert in vulvovaginal care and sexual-pain disorders, answers questions about common V ailments while dispelling "myths and misunderstandings in a friendly and accessible way." Using the latest medical research and her two decades of experience treating women, Stewart has created a comprehensive and authoritative guide for women of all ages, highlighting this essential yet often overlooked area of women's health. You will learn the basics of vulvovaginal health such as how your vulvovaginal concerns change throughout your lifetime, how to pick a good gynecologist, and the dos and don't' of vulvovaginal hygiene. As well you'll learn the safest use of tampons and pads, how to handle common V symptoms such as itching and redness, self-diagnosis and treatment of infections, tips for safe and pleasurable sex, and much more.

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    Elizabeth G. Stewart MD
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    2002 year
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