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Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink Book by Daedalus Publishing
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If you're "tired of standing on the sexual sidelines" or "wonder what it's like to be a real kink adventurer," then this fabulous collection of essays is for you. As the name states, this book concentrates on the "wilder" side of sex, exploring the multi-faceted arena that makes up the SM and fetish communities with frank discussion and in-depth education by respected author and sex-positive champion Midori. With her works appearing in the likes of Playboy, Wired, Vogue, and more, experienced fetish practitioner Midori guides you through this delightfully twisted new collection that will entertain and titillate as it teaches the basics of what it takes to enter into this fabulous world. Taking erotic adventure to a personal level, she exposes some of her most helpful and empowering secrets with everything from "Is Your Prospect a Proper Pervert?" to "The Heart of Erotic Humiliation," "Public Sex, "Lust to Bind" and more. Smoldering wisdom and sensuality combine to illuminate this amazing journey of sexual exploration.

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