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Product summary and comments by Ansley


Edenfantasys' community atmosphere is driven by both the want and will of the contributors digging their heels in to make Edenfantasys a fun place to interact, and the efforts of the men and women behind the curtain that bring their ideas to fruition. The calendar is the ultimate example of one such effort and is perfect for marking your Eden milestones throughout 2012.

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  • About author

    Ansley's opinion
    The Eden Photography Club is a monthly club where enthusiasts gather to discuss techniques and to critique submissions from other members about photographs taken, using the themes and tips discussed from the previous month.

    The submissions were broken down into categories, then polls were taken to determine which photographs were included in the calendar.

    Being Green
    Body Art
    Body Parts
    Healthy Living
    Holiday Spirit
    Where You Live

    The photographs with the most votes for their category were then compiled into this gorgeous calendar as the main image for each month, with the rest of the submissions for the category framing them.
  • Content / Style / Audience

    Publication date:
    2012 year
    Ansley's opinion
    The Edenfantasys calendar includes holiday reminders for Judaism, Christianity, Kwaanzaa, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, and Wicca. There are also reminders for Canadian, Australian and Chinese celebrations throughout the year. In addition to being all inclusive in that regard, there are also fun little reminders like "Dump Your Significant Jerk" Day (February 5th, in case you were wondering) and "Random Acts of Kindness Day" (February 17th).

    The photographs are what you would expect to find in a neighbor's scrapbook, and they are coupled with quotes from famous people such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Then followed that beautiful season... Summer... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.

    On each Calendar page is the Edenfantasys logo in the right hand corner, with the month and year in the left hand corner in that perfect shade of magenta you've come to know and love. The squares without holiday reminders are large enough to write in if you need to mark a date, but the ones with type in them leave little space for adding appointments.

    The cover of the calendar has the logo, and "Community Calendar" and 2012 in the center against white space, with the photographs on the inside framing the center. The back of the calendar has a blurb that reads:

    This calendar represents the culmination of a labor of love undertaken by the Eden Photographers Club and EdenFantasys on behalf of the EdenFantasys community. Within are photos taken by members of the EdenFantasys community, not neatly manipulated professional photos by profressionals in photoshoots, but rather wonderful, real photos taken by wonderful, real people. Each month represents something that characterizes our community and shows where, why, and how we live. It is the breadth of diversity of this inclusive community that makes it a collective special place to share our hopes, aspirations, angst and desires. It is our hope that this calendar will prodive those of you who are a part of the community and those who are considering joining us to see what makes us...us.

    You could easily display this in your home where all family members can see it, if you don't mind explaining what Edenfantasys is.
  • Design

    Flexi Cover
    Number of Pages:
    8 1/2"
  • Personal comments

    Ansley's opinion
    The print quality of this calendar is of a professional level and has been professionally spiralbound in black which compliments the overall design perfectly. All of the die cuts are perfectly lined up and all of the pages are of the exact same length and width so you can tell someone made sure this looked perfect from start to finish. The colors are bold when they should be and the black ink is solid throughout the entire production.

    I hope this is something we can do again for next year!
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