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Best Sex Writing 2010 Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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What's Happening Behind the Bedroom Door?

The erotic elements of Twilight, scary sex laws, the future of sex ed, the science behind penis size, a cheating wife's defense of her affair, and much more make it under the covers of Best Sex Writing 2010. Diana Joseph relives her slutty years while giving a mom's perspective on her teenage son's description of girls in his yearbook. Brian Alexander teaches us about sex surrogates. Paul Krassner remembers pubic hair. Betty Dodson documents her history as a sexual outlaw. Kirk Read waxes nostalgic for an unusual client. From the quest to create the thinnest condom ever to a night with swingers to underage sexting, Best Sex Writing 2010 covers the latest, hottest topics from the wide world of sex.

Winner of 2009 Independent Publisher Book Award for Sexuality and Relationships.

Rachel Kramer Bussel is Senior Editor of Penthouse Variations and host of In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series. She writes for Cosmopolitan, Newsday, New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Bust, Huffington Post, Gothamist, and Radar

With contributions by: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Diana Joseph, Jesse Bering, Johanna Gohmann, Ellen Friedrichs, John DeVore, Kirk Read, Mollena Williams, Paul Krassner, Betty Dodson, Rachel Swan, Brian Alexander, Judith Levine, Michelle Perrot, Janet Hardy, Christine Seifert, David Black, William Georgiades, Chris Hall, Seth Michael Donsky, Monica Shores, Violet Blue, John Thursday, Rachel Sarah, Thomas MacAulay Millar, and Debauchette.

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    Rachel Kramer Bussel
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2010 year
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