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How to Be a Bedroom Goddess Book by Ryland Peters & Small
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Throughout the course of history men (and women) have been captivated by the idea of the goddess, that mysterious, enchanting and always sexy woman who could equally control and submit with seduction. Worshipped as Isis, Aphrodite and Ishtar, ancient peoples built temples of love in her honor while courtesans harnessed her power to pleasure their clients. In more recent times she has been seen as the Femme Fatale, able to express strength and softness. Based on the secret love texts of many cultures, author Sophia Mortensen helps you tap into that natural goddess and become a woman of mystery and sexual allure for all occasions. From ancient Egyptian phallus worship and Taoist Chinese philosophy of sexual ecstasy to contemporary uses of lingerie and role-playing, Mortensen brings together a wealth of research to heighten your erotic experiences. This book offers every woman the chance to bring joy and satisfaction into their relationships, turning intimate moments into celebrations of love and delight.

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    Sophia Mortensen
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    Ryland Peters & Small
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    2006 year
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