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Sexual Intelligence Book by Bulfinch
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Is it possible to develop a kind of sexual intelligence, one that can deepen our pleasure and give us a greater awareness of ourselves?

Kim Cattrall ignited a new sexual revolution with her first book "Satisfaction," an intimate guide to satisfying sexual desire. Now she is back, with a provocative new work that examines the sources and inspirations of sex.

Cattrall and a small group of writers and filmmakers traveled to the historic sites that have given expression to human sexuality - including the streets of ancient Pompeii, with their explicitly erotic public art; the Secret Museum in Naples; beaches of Cyprus, birth place of the love goddess Aphrodite; and the rolling hills of Dorset, England, site of the largest phallus on earth. They also interviewed experts, sexual adventurers, and ordinary people. The result is an informed and entertaining look at the mysterious logic of sexual desire. "Sexual Intelligence" features candid conversation, comic animation, master works of art, and contemporary photography, all woven into a narrative that celebrates nature, imagination, and the sensuality of life.

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    • Jimbo Jones
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.8/10

      Kim Cattrall’s “Sexual Intelligence” is an easy to read collection of facts, thoughts, and ideas regarding human sexual interaction throughout time. It is not a comprehensive volume, but instead draws on expert opinion as well as interviews with real people to reach the conclusions presented. The pictures inside are beautiful and artistic. There is not any pornographic content. I just didn't really like how much of the text read.

    • Nashville
      Writer, rank 6.6/10

      The book is worth the buy if you're looking for something to read every now and then. It's become a bathroom reader for us because you can flip around in it to read different segments without feeling like you've missed a main theme or an important amount of information. The photos of Kim Cattrell within the book are truly icing on the cake.

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    • Does EF carry the first book as well?
    • this looks really good, might pick it up on my next order!
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