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  • Superhotsex - Book
  • Superhotsex - Book
  • Superhotsex - Book
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You've had Supersex now it's time to really let your hair down. Acclaimed author and sexuality expert Tracey Cox is back with "a must-have book for cranking your lust life up a gear." Filled with even more advanced techniques, risqué topics, and saucier pictures, Superhotsex elevates the raunch factor to the next level while retaining safety and sensibility. Brimming with innovative but practical ways to reinvent your sex life, this book is loaded with a myriad of wicked real-life fantasies and tricks for your fingers, tongue, and other parts. With everything from a stroke-by-stroke guide to masturbation and the six all-time best outdoor sex experiences, to tips on how to get a fantasy from your head into your bed and crucial ploys to get what you want without upsetting your partner. Funny, intelligent, and accompanied by stylish photographs, Superhotsex serves as a crash course in how to take your sex life from dull to daring, while inspiring and stimulation you to put a toe into taboo territory.

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    Tracey Cox
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    DK Publishing
    Publication date:
    2006 year
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    9 1/4"
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  • Reviews(12)

    • iCouple
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.4/10

      Superhotsex is a great book for couples who are looking to bring some excitement into their bedroom (or backseat). With beautiful photography and well written content, it's an easy read for both men and women, and if read together can lead to some wonderful conversations about fantasies and kinks. While not for the faint of heart this book isn't for those who "sleep on the edge" either. It's the perfect companion for those who want more from their bedroom but don't know how to get it.

    • svalentine;)
      Reviewer, rank 4.8/10

      overall it is a very informative and well illustrated book. It covers a variety of topics and taboo subjects and also gives suggested positions and techniques you can try.

    • dieromantic
      Reviewer, rank 4.7/10

      When I purchased this book, I was a bit shy about my sexuality and had trouble letting out my fantasies. The book was very helpful in giving me the confidence and guts to let out those fantasies and use them in my bed. I feel that, after reading this book, I have become more comfortable with being a lil bit naughty.

    • Cwhitten006
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.9/10

      This book was not an exciting book for and didn't leave me wanting to read more. I had my expectations way up there for this book and hoped for more than what I got. What I got was techniques and tips that I already knew

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    Customer comments

    • Hot book.
    • want to get this.
    • That is a really hot picture on the cover!
    • Adding to my reading list.
    • KnK
      Wanna get this
    • Love it!!
    • Love this book. There are alot of pictures I find them sexy and motivating. It's very well done. It's for anyone wanting to learn or improve or even those you just like to read some interesting things
    • anonymous
      This book was helpful to me being that when I got it I was very experienced. But to a more experienced person I would not recommend it because if you are experienced its pretty much just common since.
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