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Carnal Machines Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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Product summary and comments by Emma (Girl With Fire)


If you enjoy sci-fi fantasy and like a little historical fiction thrown into the mix, you will love this book. Strong leading female characters fill the pages of this book and they meet their matches with some of the contraptions that they come across. This is heavy on plot as far as erotica goes, but I feel that it has been made all the better because of it, the stories may be slightly longer but they do not lack the heated action one expects from an erotic anthology.

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  • About author

    Collection of Stories by Various Authors
    Emma (Girl With Fire)'s opinion
    There are many contributing authors for this anthology, which is fantastic. It gives the reader a taste of multiple peoples opinions of what a steampunk world would look like. I also found that it was interesting to see what the authors (whose writing I am becoming familiar with) came up with when offered a new world to create within.

    Many of the contributing authors will be recognized by those who read a lot of erotica. A few have been well published both in and out of Cleis Press. Some work as editors, others are former educators, and some live strictly as authors and have been published in multiple genres of literature. All are interesting people in their own rights.

    Carnal Machines contains works from the following authors:

    Teresa Noelle Roberts - Human Powered
    Janine Ashbless - The Servant Question
    Renee Michaels - Sleight of Hand
    Poe Von Page - Mutiny on the Danika Blue
    Kannan Feng - Devient Devices
    Jay Lawrence - The Perfect Girl
    Delilah Devlin - Dr. Mullaley's Cure
    Lisabet Sarai - Her Own Devices
    Kathleen Bradean - Lair of the Red Countess
    Elias A. St. James- italic|Infernal Machine]
    Essemoh Teepee - Dr Watson Makes a Housecall
    D.L. King - The Treatment
    Tracey Shellito - Lucifer Einstein and the Case of the Carnal Contraption
    Elizabeth Scecheter - The Succubus

    Because there are so many contributing authors I will not include information on all of them, but will share a few snippets from the About the Authors section of Carnal Machines.

    Teresa Noelle Roberts writes romance for the horny and erotica for the romantic, with a special love for paranormal tales. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples, and The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica. Her latest novel is Fox's Den.

    Lisabet Sarai believes she was Victorian in a previous incarnation, given her lifelong attraction to turrets, corsets and lace up boots. She has published six erotic novels including Victorian-themed Incognito, and dozens of shorter works. 'Her Own Devices" is her first attempt at steampunk.

    Essemoh Teepee is a fiftysomething CEO in the UK. Writing erotica since 2005, he has a steadily growing following for his sensual stories and audio work. He is the creator of the unique Directed Visualization audio technique.
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    Cleis Press Inc.
    Publication date:
    2011 year
    Emma (Girl With Fire)'s opinion
    This book is steampunk erotica. So what you should expect from it is a lot of mechanical contraptions, most of which are sexual in nature; they are also powered by clockwork or steam, or some combination of the two. I absolutely loved these stories - the women were all very rebellious or curious and there was just enough kink to keep me satisfied. The stories are definitely more plot oriented than most short story erotica, which may also explain their length in contrast, but it actually makes this book far more enjoyable to read than much of the erotica that I have read to date. It is like reading some fun steampunk fiction that turns you on and keeps you that way chapter after chapter. Some of the stories might even elicit a chuckle.

    The audience that I imagine would most love this are steampunk enthusiasts. However, there is no doubt in my mind that most women would enjoy these stories, in fact anybody who enjoys a good historical fiction would probably get a kick out of this. Because of the genre these stories are set in, the writing is slightly more formal than is usual in erotica, the language (aside from anatomical nicknames) is also more formal. The sex may begin more rigid than what one expects, but it is still impressively hot by the end.

    Here are a few examples of what you will find in Carnal Machines:

    'A broad, sexy grin spread across Ben's face. "Some of my graduate students have keys to the laboratory. It would be better if we kept most of our clothes on in case of interruption, so we could at least pretend we hadn't been fucking against the worktable. Because I intend to fuck you against the worktable, Claire. Then I intend to take you home and do it again in a proper bed where we can be naked." He pulled her close again, and the ravening beast was back in his eyes. "You're right, of course. We don't need to stand on convention. I will help you with your device-and with your loneliness, if you'll help me with mine."'Human Powered, Teresa Noelle Roberts

    'He would have asked what she meant, but then she shifted her hips under his hand, withdrawing slightly from the mechanism before pushing herself back. It was large enough that she felt drawn taut, but she was slippery from the oil and Mercer's fingers. When she raised her hips a second time, the pressure turned into something much more pleasurable. ' Deviant Devices, Kannan Feng

    'He nodded. "There seems to be effective lubrication of the intersecting parts. Then perhaps her motions are somehow insufficiently diverse. Let me see what I can do." As quickly as he could he loosened Eliza's stays and tugged open her garments to reveal her back panel. His hands were trembling as he struggled with the clothes, but as soon as he had a screwdriver between his fingers they grew steady. He flipped the panel open and surveyed the whirring mechanism within. "She is currently performing a linear thrusting motion. Perhaps if we try this..."

    A tiny but expert adjustment of the mechanism induced a shift in Eliza's hips. Mrs Petherton cried out, conveying that the sensations in her nether parts were now recognizably different.' - The Servant Question, Janine Ashbless
  • Design

    Number of Pages:
    5 1/2"
    Emma (Girl With Fire)'s opinion
    The cover of Carnal Machines is probably the most discreet that I have come across. From across the room, or even across the table you would probably not guess that this is an erotic novel, however if you read the subtitle you would have your answer if you did. I would not have any problems taking this book out to a coffee shop or park and reading. However, if you have nosy family members about you might want to keep this tucked into a drawer or under a pillow, just in case. The layout is simple, Table of Contents, Introduction, stories, About the Authors, About the Editor and a few order-form pages for other books printed by Cleis Press.

    The book itself is 5,1/2" x 8" and is made of simple, fairly generic materials. The soft cover is neither flimsy or indestructible, and the paper is the same as you would find in about 80% of paperbacks. The construction is fairly solid, so you wont likely start losing pages any time soon, but I wouldn't suggest putting it through a wash in the machine. You should have no trouble tucking it away onto a bookshelf with other average sized novels.
  • Experience

    Emma (Girl With Fire)'s opinion
    I loved this book - I found the imagery fascinating and the stories totally engaging. I can honestly say that I did not want to put this book down EVER. I absolutely loved the female characters, all of whom had a mischievousness about them that made them especially entertaining to read about. I now want all of the steampunk erotica anthologies that I can get my hands on in order to compare them to this book.
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    Edited by:
    D.L. King
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