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Caught Looking Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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"Watch me. Put me on display. Doll me up and take me out," it doesn't matter how you slice it, watching or being watched is an exciting and daring path to sexual arousal that many have tried or want to try. Author Alison Tyler has teamed up with fellow erotic author Rachel Kramer Bussel to bring you this fantastic collection of voyeuristic and exhibitionist tales, amassing a fabulous anthology of visual seduction. Whether you're watching a lover or others undress from the safety of a window, stripping down or dressing up to show off, or exposing yourself to the world, these 20 stories elaborate the fun and excitement of some of life's naughtiest delights. For the dedicated voyeur, exhibitionist, or anyone who can't resist a bit of peeping, this book proves that the eyes are one the most highly prized ways to achieve pleasure. With talented writers providing scintillating tales such as Stan Kent's celebration of voyeurism in "My Finest Hour," and Saskia Walker's sexy peep-show "Room with a View," you'll be taken into a world where people get off by showing off and feel the vicarious thrill of erotic power multiplied by the stare of another.

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