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What if?

"There is something irresistible about a crush, about wanting someone you can't have, seeing someone you can't touch; about unrequited desire and how it quickly grows..." -from the Introduction

Even girls who prefer guys remember their first girl crush-that physical and emotional fascination with another woman. Who hasn't wondered, What if I acted on my desire, what if I flirted, what if I teased? What if I provoked?

In the steamy stories of Girl Crush, women satisfy their curiosity about the erotic possibilities of their infatuations. Delilah Devlin's "The Out-of-Towner" is a tale of attraction between total opposites. In Rachel Kramer Bussel's "Great Lengths," an unrequited crush on a fiery, flaming hot redhead finally evolves into something more. G.G. Royale's "An Introduction" follows a nice Indian girl on the eve of her arranged marriage as she wanders into a bondage bar. For some, a crush is a passing whim, for others it's just the beginning. In Girl Crush what happens next may take you by surprise.

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    R. Gay
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    2010 year
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    • Timaree
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.9/10

      The best use of this book is to read one chapter by itself and let it ruminate in your head so that you can use your own imagination and fantasies to flesh it out more fully. Not all the tales will stimulate you, but if you're into lesbian action, you'll probable find at least one that inspires your lust.

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    • I NEED this book! Now when will it be in stock? :(
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