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A heartwarming read; Obsessed, Erotic Romance For Women is perfect for just before bed or when you feel like there is no hope and life is bleak. These stories aren't hardcore fetish stories nor are there any queer pairings, this book is aimed more toward heterosexual couples/singles. The subject matter, however, spans the gap and renders the stories group-less as well as timeless.

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    Airen Wolf's opinion
    Obsessed Erotic Romance For Women edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is another example of how a word can be redefined in a good way and explored. When one thinks about obsession all the negative attributes of the word come first to mind but there is a healing side to obsession that is just as interesting to explore. Each of the authors in this 19 story anthology share with us a beautiful idea that we can celebrate our obsessions and grow from them.

    I have read many anthologies put together by Rachel Kramer Bussel but this has to be one of the best I have read so far. While it wasn't a panty scorching read from cover to cover I felt it was somehow more mature and had more to offer than a quick thrill. Each of the authors shared with us his or her idea of obsession being a good thing, and spun tales of healing and joy.

    The authors in this book are: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Donna George Storey, Kayla Perrin, Portia Da Costa, Logan Belle, Justine Elyot, Emerald, Jennifer Peters, Ariel Graham, Belle Andre, Adele Haze, Charlotte Stein, Kristina Wright, Garnell Wallace, Andrea Dale, Elizabeth Coldwell, K.D. Grace, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and Louisa Harte. Included in the book is a lovely short biography of each author along with a longer biography of the editor.

    While I have had the pleasure of reading works from some of the authors, and having met a few of the authors in real life, it was a pleasure to meet some new authors and get a feel for their style. In all my reviewing I have rarely found an anthology that left me feeling as satisfied as when I finished it as this one.
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    2011 year
    Airen Wolf's opinion
    This book is about the healing power of obsession; that murky world where the ultimate desire leads to self awareness and satisfaction rather than the darker side of only temporarily sated desire. This book gives us permission to ride the wave of desire and see what lies on the other side. It speaks of hope and healing in a very erotic and sensual way.

    Silent Treatment by Donna George Storey is just such a story. Every one who has ever had amazing sex only to be seemingly dumped has felt like the heroine of this tale. At a silent retreat she is reunited with the man who hurt her and finds forgiveness and healing without a word ever being spoken.

    In Concubine by Portia Da Costa I saw a glimpse of my own unique relationships as the hero begs his lady to tell him a story while he is laid up with an injury. Her story of love, lust and obsession drives him to distraction with it's intensity and certainly takes his mind off his pain!

    Logan Belle spins a tale of burlesque raunchiness juxtaposed with buttoned down business woman in Love and Demotion. Our heroine in this tale has a second job that allows her to live out her obsession and she also has an amazingly handsome boss that she's also a bit obsessed with. One night after a cocktail party it all comes to a head as he follows her to her second job.

    Have you ever wondered how some musicians seem to breathe passion and sex into their playing? Justine Elyot offers one explanation in Mephisto Waltz. Our repressed heroine gets a lesson in what makes good pianists great ones from her childhood instructor, who undoes all the horrible lessons taught to her by her equally obsessed father. Rather than seeing the piano as a foe to be conquered she begins to see it as a lover to be wooed.

    One of my personal favorites, Then by Emerald tells the tale of a woman who trusted her lover enough to tell him she had met another man who turned her on to no end. She knew she didn't want to leave her current love for this possible new one but the attraction was mutual and devastating. When they meet this other man at a friendly get together she gets the surprise of her life as her lover gifts her with satisfying her obsession and desire.

    So many times we walk away from what we really desire because we are too afraid to ask for what we need and want. Forgetting that we cannot read our lover's minds, and that they cannot read ours we simply allow anger and frustration rule the day. What if we were forced into a situation where we couldn't simply walk away and had to face our desires, needs and obsessions with our lover? In Aftershocks Bella Andre answers that what if? with an erotic tale that left this reader satisfied and happy for the heroine.

    Every woman's nightmare is having a flat tire on a deserted road in the middle of no where with no spare or cell phone reception. Sound like the plot of a nasty horror film? In Here In Between by Kristina Wright it is the beginning of a wonderful story of a rescue leading to romance. My only question is: Would WE recognize any of the hero's songs?

    My absolute favorite story in this anthology is Raven's Flight by Andrea Dale. In this story our lady is awoken by her prince at an ungodly hour as he begins the process of tearing down the house next to hers! She marches over intent on telling him off only to discover a man so amazing her panties are on fire. This is a story fit to be a fairy tale in this reader's humble opinion.

    Rachel Kramer Bussel treats us to a tale on a topic that most people don't think about in our image obsessed society. What happens when your partner that you love completely remakes themselves by losing a significant amount of weight? The adjustment can leave a partner feeling out of place and like their world is coming undone. I Want To Hold Your Hand deals with this topic is a loving and gentle way leaving the reader educated as well as happy for the couple.

    This book is a powerful one that really showcases the positive side of obsession and desire. It is the type of book that reminds me of a very expensive box of candy that leaves you a bit guilty for eating all in one sitting but so very satisfied afterward! For those reader's who appreciate well written, positive erotica and also appreciate pretty vanilla sex scenes this book is sure to satisfy.
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    Airen Wolf's opinion
    The cover of this book is fairly safe for reading anywhere as it is simply an art photo of a woman's shoulders and most of her face. It's definitely erotic but in a beautiful not sleazy way.

    The book flows easily from it's foreword by Caridad Pineiro to the author's biographies at the end. I found myself almost gorging myself on the stories unwilling to put the book down. For those with more self control it can be savored but for me it was a gluttonous feast.

    The book is printed on good quality, acid free paper and with minimal care should last a good on time.
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    Airen Wolf's opinion
    I mistakenly put this book in with a series of books I bought to be savored while I am on vacation in Canada. When I realized that this was a review item I began reading it hoping I could finish it in time to turn in the review. Once I started reading it I realized that I ad made a terrible mistake not starting with this book as it was impossible for me to put down. I didn't so much read it as inhaled it like it was much needed oxygen. The stories were so filled with love and hope that I was grinning as I finished them as well as decidedly turned on. I really regret not reading this book earlier and I will be reading it over again in the future!

    While the sex isn't fetish or particularly hardcore it fits the timbre and feel of the premise of the book amazingly well. This isn't a tingle your naughty parts and give you ideas sort of book its more of a do you remember when? sort of book, at least it was for me. It was heartwarming and gentle.
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    Rachel Kramer Bussel
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